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Kickstarter :: Day One Debrief

Day One Debrief Update #1 · Nov. 25, 2012 · comment

Wow, what a rush. We launched at 10:02AM.

We had sent our son home with his grandparents (VERY high on list of things to be thankful for: Grandma & Grandpa!) and we just put our heads down all day. We worked the Facebooks–something pretty new to us as other than

It Occurred To Both Of Us Last Night, Just Before Sleep…

…that not only is this Kickstarter thing a good way to build audience and round up some goodhearted money for your project…

{take a breath}

…but it also is a way to make yourself and your project accountable to a whole bunch of people.

Would you be surprised to learn this was not all that relaxing a thought?


Kickstarter :: It’s ON!

Less than 48 hours in and we’ve busted $4000. Don’t know what that means for the long haul, but it feels like a pretty good start.

According to Kickstarter’s ratings, we’re Popular This Week in the Films category.

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