A Year of Massive Thanks(for your)Giving REDUX.






Dear Friends and Supporters: I wrote the following blog post several days ago, but it didn’t seem to go out. Please forgive me if you’re seeing this as a repeat!. 

We are preparing to send out some sweet end-of-the-year photo cards, and we have realized that we do not have a mailing address for many of you. Please send us your physical address by return email.



A year ago, give or take a week or two, we launched our Kickstarter campaign.

That momentous event kinda-sorta changed everything for us. Between the success of the Kickstarter and the Sundance grant, the arc and scope of this project changed rather significantly. And boy oh boy, are we ever grateful! In the U.S. this is the week of our Thanksgiving celebration, and we are thinking about all we have to be thankful for.

YOU! If you’re reading this, we are grateful. You are supporting us, promising us audience and making it possible to do this work. We finished filming this year, because of YOU!

Confidence! In this last year we no longer just believe–we KNOWwe are on track to produce an important, beautiful film.

Teamwork! In the last year our team has come together. In November 2012, our team consisted of Amy and Scott. In 2013 we ‘got’ Kristin, Fiona, Karol, Ramyata, Shailendra, Shraddha, Jimmy* and Jill, along with a slew of other great supporters who reached above and beyond to help this film along its difficult path. (*Jim gets his own blog post)

Grandparents! We could not be doing this if not for the love and dedication and gloriously free babysitting Hale’s grandmothers provide. They are lifesavers, and our son is as lucky as we are to have them.

Sponsors! The individuals and organizations who have helped us, lent us gear, provided in-kind donations of various sorts–we are so grateful for them!

The advances in communications technology! We can now speak with our subjects in the village in Nepal–this was impossible before this year, and it has changed how we are relating to them and keeping up with them.

Challenges! We have had a tough year–hasn’t all been geysers of free money and champagne brunches, let’s just say. We are keeping it real over here, and we just keep reminding ourselves to put our heads down and trying as hard as we can. We are doing the right thing. Somehow, when it gets harder, it becomes easier to know this.

YOU! This comes back to you, simply because it just does. We HAVE to make this film (it’s a compulsion, as much as it is our job). But having y’all out there, reading this, cheering us on, checking in from time to time, and continuing to support us is really what’s making it doable for us, mentally. Yep.

Happy Thanksgiving from team TGWKTM!






  1. Paul Fischburg
    December 7, 2013

    Amy and Scott,
    My heart always gets bigger when I see Shanti’s face and when I read your words. It reminds me of love, humanity, what it means to be a true co-traveler of the planet with all 11 billion of us. The way you two are walking through your lives, taking the time to think, feel, ponder, act, share, and communicate all of that is an inspiration to me. Happy holidays and happy film-making.

    Love Paul

  2. cf
    December 8, 2013

    You guys are awesome and it is terrific so many people see the worth in this project. May the mo keep rollin’ and the season be jolly. C


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