Arrival: Kathmandu. Check!

Our lovely layover hotel in Seoul-Incheon. Thanks Korean Air!

KAL beef bi bim bap on a plane: No way to make Amy happier!

I love riding in airplanes. Love. It.

Outskirts of KTM

And I love the ride from the airport in any city, anywhere.


SO now, our list of things to do is impressive (in no particular order):

Contact musicians


Meet Nepali shooter

Get telephones


Build shoot archive system, daily folders, by camera, with camera log document inside each

Get with our solar guy, Dipendra

Get our blog squared away with Mail Chimp

Get load shedding schedule (so we know when there is no electricity in the city)

Set up edit/workstation in hotel room

Get cameras set up (local time, all the settings synched, unused controls taped off, lenses cleaned, batteries charged, cards formatted, etc.

… (there are actually a few more things on the list)


  1. Suzanne
    February 20, 2013

    People are thinking of you. A friend who came to the screening at Centerstone said, “so I guess they are in Kathmandu now”, just two days ago!

  2. carol dreyfus
    March 4, 2013

    Nice blog! Surprised you had the time to set up. I envy you the beef bi bim bap Amy! Love that stuff.


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