Bo M. Karlsson Video

This is the other project we were working on last time we were in Nepal– a piece for the Bo M. Karlsson foundation to use for fundraising. It was an amazing experience working with them. The founder, Sonnia Karlsson, created the foundation in the name of her late husband who loved to do good in the world. After this death, Sonnia went out looking for how she could do capital G–GOOD in his name. She went to Nepal and that is where she met Bindu. She is nurse you meet in this piece and the first recipient of a Bo. M. Karlsson scholarship. It allowed her to finish nursing school. She is a serious power house, along with all the other recipients.

The BMKF pays for women in Nepal to go to college. It is THE ONLY NGO doing this. Less than 3% of women in Nepal go to college. Pretty amazing.  Having all of the BMKF recipients in the same room together to film these interviews was such a trip. You could seriously feel the empowerment. The Bo M. Karlsson–doing really good work. Support them!

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