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Kickstarter? Check.

FUNDED! 333 Backers! $36,112! So! Much! Love!

THANK YOU ALL! Thank you so much! Thank each one of the THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE (333!) dear people who pledged support to this campaign!


Just 10 Hours Left in the Kickstarter :: IT’S WORKING!

Mere hours left in the Kickstarter! We are counting it down. We have the goal made, but honestly we’re less than a third of the way to having enough money to finish this film.

But here’s why I keep writing: It seems like almost every time one of you dear friends shares the Kickstarter link, we get a visible

What You Can Do Right Now

The following is copied from an email sent out by our dear friend Eleanor a couple days ago. It resulted in a huge rise in pledges to our project. We are now in our final hours of the Kickstarter, and we need your help. Please be inspired:

Dear friends,

Have you noticed how many people are doing unto others right

Announcing Kickstarter Stretch Goal: $60,000

Yesterday, two weeks almost to the minute after launching our Kickstarter campaign, we reached our initial fundraising goal (actually exceeded it by a nice margin, thanks to a $5,000 pledge!).

This morning we rolled out our “Stretch Goal” of $60,000.

The way Kickstarter works is that the initial sum is all-or-nothing, meaning that at the end of the campaign,

Guest Post: Jill’s Response to Our 2nd Rough Cut Screening

This from our mentor/intern Jill Seidenstein: In response to 2nd Screening for The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Last night I attended the second public screening for the rough cut of The Girl Who Knew Too Much. (Full disclosure, I had attended an earlier private rough-cut screening, so this was my second viewing). I was there primarily in the role

A Wonderful Article on Our Project @ The Sun Break!

Today the project is featured on the front page of The Sun Break, an online magazine of Seattle’s news and culture. Wow!



76 Backers! (It’s Not Just About The Dollars)

We are excited and (I realize now why this is a cliché) humbled to see we not only have over $7,000 in pledges, but we also have 76 backers (as I type; I’ve had to change it once already).

The latter number feels so important. It is the number of people who believe enough in us–or, more importantly, who believe in this

Day Three’s Grand Plans (Wow, This Is A LOT)

Update #2

I had planned to write out a blog post debriefing every day’s doings for this campaign. Evidently it doesn’t take long to get behind. This is a full time gig. Now it’s 1:22AM and I must sleep, with a growing backlog of things in my To-Do for tomorrow and tomorrow.

Three great things: We got to $5,000 today,

Kickstarter :: Day One Debrief

Day One Debrief Update #1 · Nov. 25, 2012 · comment

Wow, what a rush. We launched at 10:02AM.

We had sent our son home with his grandparents (VERY high on list of things to be thankful for: Grandma & Grandpa!) and we just put our heads down all day. We worked the Facebooks–something pretty new to us as other than

It Occurred To Both Of Us Last Night, Just Before Sleep…

…that not only is this Kickstarter thing a good way to build audience and round up some goodhearted money for your project…

{take a breath}

…but it also is a way to make yourself and your project accountable to a whole bunch of people.

Would you be surprised to learn this was not all that relaxing a thought?