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New 20-minute Girlworld cut

Sundance funds feature documentaries “about pressing human rights, social justice, civil liberties and related topics from the US and internationally. Proposals to the Documentary Fund are evaluated on effective storytelling, global relevance, originality, artistic innovation and potential social engagement.”

Going Over Budget (or: On Transparency)

We will talk to a handful of individuals and organizations who have given to support Girlworld, and we will ask them to share their reasons.

My consultation with Working Films

Wow! Robert West, the executive director of Working Films is a super smart guy. His whole thing is helping filmmakers create powerful audience engagement campaigns and he is really good at it. Working Films has facilitated outreach campaigns for films such as The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Garbage Dreams (about two young garbage collectors in Cairo), and No

Ebay as a funding source? Well, kind of.

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Around a year ago I completed a pretty in-depth survey for Microsoft, and they gave me a choice of a bunch of software to choose as a thank you gift.

I chose one I could sell for a few bucks. Now that I’m getting around to selling it, I figured I would see if adding a bit of Girlworld luv