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Sometimes You Don’t Even Know How Many Issues You Have…

… Until someone comes along to fix them.

I had been quietly dreading this time of the year–the push time, when we’re really jamming to get all the footage organized and ready to hand off to our editor. The reason? We still had some lingering workflow problems I did not know how to deal with. Jump back a month or

Workflow :: Don’t Leave Home Without It

The preparation for our departure on this production trip was long and exciting, jam packed with logistics and funding and gearhead juggling, sponsor letters and equipment purchases–just the kind of puzzles I relish. There is a perpetual question on the minds of filmmakers: What’s the right gear to use? We’ve been shooting this film since anything video was captured on

Gearhead Disease, Explained

Here’s a lovely essay on how equipment is related to the way we work. It is a finer articulation that I can manage, not least because it effectively raises the question: Which came first–the gearhead or the disease?

With a big camera, you miss a lot of pictures you might have gotten with a little camera. But the

Love+Hate=Lavalier Mics

We use lavalier mics a lot. Pretty much any time we have a camera on a person, we try to have them mic’d with a lav.

If they’re sitting still, we use a wired one; if they’re moving around, we stick a wireless on em. We like people, and in the course of making films about them, we have arrived

Packing it down

Been spending some quality time with our Pelican bags, trying to configure the kits to make sure that everything crucial gets to Nepal in one piece, and that we can carry all the really key stuff on the planes with us.

To that end, I’ve been configuring our two