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On April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. If you wish to support relief efforts, we’ve listed a couple of organizations we believe are doing a good job.

General, Nepal-wide relief efforts:

Oxfam Canada Catholic Relief Services Heart and Mind International (offering mental health and psychosocial relief)

To support the Darnal family directly, please

Kristin, Documentary Doula

Hiring Kristin was never exactly a decision. It just happened. Sort of like we always knew it would. We toasted to it and talked about money and all that. But, it was so natural. She has been our neighbor and dear friend since the beginning. It was Kristin who created a ceremony of mourning for Shanta shortly after her death.

Righteous Foodie Blog (or, Hey—We’re Famous!)

Our dear friend Jen called us up today to say we’ve got a starring role on her favorite blog. Seattle Tall Poppy, it turns out, is a standout among Seattle’s pretty stellar rank of RFB’s (Righteous Foodie Blogs).

What a very generous and thoughtful post this

Cut Hair Sir? Trim Face?

I opted not to get a faecial.

Authentic Nepali Barbershop Experience

It’s not just dull scissors, dirty towels and sketchy straight razors any longer!

NOW, featuring MORE (more, more):

spine punching eyebrow twiddling arm pinching nostril manipulation earlobe flicking temple compressing neck cracking collarbone stretching forehead slapping cheek