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RamKumar picked up our camera our first morning in the village…

and did not put it down until we left. He wore it around his neck and when he wasn’t holding it up to his eye to take a shot, he was examining what he had taken on the back. Often with ten other kids surrounding him.

RamKumar is Shanta’s youngest brother. He is the second youngest of the Shanta’s six

A new title, a different film: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

We started this project in 2008 with it being about how girls’ education is the best thing we can do in the world. We called it Girlworld.

So much has happened  since then regarding the popularity of the women’s empowerment movement. Amazing people like Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn (Half the Sky) are telling that story . The 10×10 project  is

I think our film is a bit of an ‘Insiders Guide to Girls’ Education’

Check out this video I found on the United Nations Foundation news feed. It is about Ethiopia, but could very well be Nepal. It made me think about our film. It made me think that what we are making is sort of an ‘insiders’ guide’ to what a family has on the line when they send a girl to school

Filming Sarita for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

Besides working on our own independent documentary, Scott and I are here in Nepal filming a promotional video for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation. This NGO is really unique in that it is providing scholarships for Nepali women to go to UNIVERSITY. There are quite a few organizations helping girls go to primary and secondary school, but BMKF is

What is the story? We return to Nepal.

I am trying so hard to figure out what this story is about. There is one. There is a big one. And it is about women and their struggle for empowerment in this complicated, changing-too-quickly-for-it’s-own-good world.

This is what I have done in one week and two days:

I have filmed over 10 hours (not including little asides on my

The Radio Show Download Link

You can navigate to this link to download the radio interview about Girlworld that Amy had bit more than a week ago. It’s a 25MB MP3 file that once you download it should play just fine on iTunes or whatever media player you have. Just holler if you want to hear it and can’t make it work.

Pass it

Radio & Video (Amy’s a Star!)

Amy was on the radio today, talking in a really nicely conducted one-hour interview about Girlworld. Keesha Ewers, whom we met at a fundraiser for another lovely org that supports girls’ education and women’s empowerment in Nepal, invited Amy

Thanks, Friends and Neighbors!

On Sunday we had our “Baking a Difference” Girlworld Fundraiser Afternoon Tea and Mixer, and it was a huge success!

We want to send HUGE thanks to Liv, who masterminded, orchestrated and alchemied this event, and to Gina and Seth who hosted. You guys rule!

Liv shows off

(reblogged from NYT) “When a Child Moves to Nepal” by Lisa Belkin

A great blog post today by Lisa Belkin in the Times, kind of gets to the heart of our motivations around doing Girlworld. It may be that you won’t be able to read it unless you’re subscribed to the New York Times.

If you can

A Girl Story (From Elsewhere)

Something interesting from some colleagues (that we don’t know, yet).

Go and visit the site. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Catch “A Girl Story” also on Facebook.