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New 20-minute Girlworld cut

Sundance funds feature documentaries “about pressing human rights, social justice, civil liberties and related topics from the US and internationally. Proposals to the Documentary Fund are evaluated on effective storytelling, global relevance, originality, artistic innovation and potential social engagement.”

Like This Only Longer

We watched the documentary “Art & Copy”* last night, and it featured this old (1995) Nike ad, “If You Let Me Play”. They got to it differently than we hope to, but this ad leaves me with the feeling we want Girlworld to bring across.

That chest-heavy, head-spinny mix of possibility and empowerment and urgency and responsibility.

Only this

Girlworld Summit

In the last two weeks, I have spent a lot of time researching how Girlworld is going to be seen and used by girls. First, I went to the Seattle Girls School and met with four amazing teachers, Rosetta, Wendy, Brenda and Trina. They got me super fired up. Then I flew to Oakland to my old place of

My consultation with Working Films

Wow! Robert West, the executive director of Working Films is a super smart guy. His whole thing is helping filmmakers create powerful audience engagement campaigns and he is really good at it. Working Films has facilitated outreach campaigns for films such as The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Garbage Dreams (about two young garbage collectors in Cairo), and No

Girlworld Trailer

I just read an interview with the Documentary Doctor, Fernanda Rossi about trailers and it made me feel really good about ours. The Girlworld trailer as it is now is 10 minutes of Shanta, our oldest (and I would say, most intense) subject.

In these 10 minutes we see her walking home from school, doing her homework, doing

Girlworld and its social impact

Scott and I are working and reworking our Girlworld pitch. You know, what we tell people when they ask us what we’re doing.

We are getting better and better, the more we do it. One thing that is becoming very clear is that for funders we really need to explain how our documentary will bring change — will do capital

The Journal of Short Film.

A couple of years ago I made Amy a gift of a subscription to the remarkable Journal of Short Film. This is something pretty nifty: a DVD magazine, or a film festival for your mailbox. 



Sign up for the exceedingly reasonable subscription, and four

Righteous Foodie Blog (or, Hey—We’re Famous!)

Our dear friend Jen called us up today to say we’ve got a starring role on her favorite blog. Seattle Tall Poppy, it turns out, is a standout among Seattle’s pretty stellar rank of RFB’s (Righteous Foodie Blogs).

What a very generous and thoughtful post

Music Luv!

Mangal Maharjan of EMW Records (left), with Siddhartha, Rashil and Gurun of Kutumba

Music is huge, right? I won’t wait for you to answer; it just is. Until now, in our little films we have relied mostly on some pretty good Continue Reading...

The Sticks

Koruna is from the sticks. The thing is, the sticks isn’t so far away, like maybe as the crow flies– 6 miles from our hotel. Landscape-tually and culturally, driving there was like leaving the big city and entering Little House on the Prairie-ville.

ROADS: Since we’ve been here, I have thought a lot about the effect of roads. The road