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A Year of Massive Thanks(for your)Giving REDUX.






Dear Friends and Supporters: I wrote the following blog post several days ago, but it didn’t seem to go out. Please forgive me if you’re seeing this as a repeat!. 

We are preparing to send out some sweet end-of-the-year photo cards, and we have realized that we do not

Sometimes You Don’t Even Know How Many Issues You Have…

… Until someone comes along to fix them.

I had been quietly dreading this time of the year–the push time, when we’re really jamming to get all the footage organized and ready to hand off to our editor. The reason? We still had some lingering workflow problems I did not know how to deal with. Jump back a month or

The Landscape We Find Ourselves In

Looking for the Right Kind of Relationship

HERE IS A GREAT POST by Dan Cogan, who founded Impact Partners, an organization we kind of fell in love with at IFP’s Film Week.

We find ourselves in the position RIGHT THIS MINUTE of needing to plunge into attempting to secure the relationships Mr. Cogan describes, in order to bridge

A BIG year and another one about to start!

I think of the New Year as beginning in September. It’s my mindset. I taught school for ten years. Every fall I get swoony over school supplies and feel wistful when I see nervous kids in crisp clothes at bus stops. It is the time of new things and beginnings—empty notebooks,  sharpened pencils—fresh starts.

We just wrapped up a

Going Big for GiveBIG (Or: How to Get More TGWKTM For Your Money Using Other People’s Money!)

You are awesome for reading this. And Seattle is awesome. Thank you, dear reader. And thank you, The Seattle Foundation!

GiveBIG is a remarkable one-day donation ‘stretching’ event backed by a ton of great organizations, and we are honored to be part of it this year.

Then, if you are so inclined, click on the picture below to

The Girl Who Knew Too Much Production Blog

Okay, so this is old news! We have been in Nepal for over two weeks now. I tried to send this post out before we even left home as an introduction—a welcome to this adventure—but for some reason it didn’t work. But here we go. I am going to start you off from the very beginning. More to come very

Tax Deductible Charitable Donations Accepted Here

We have been shouting word of our Kickstarter campaign loudly and proudly from the eRooftops for a while now. We are so happy it funded, and so fully!

Now, as we begin shopping for airplane tickets and finalizing our equipment bags, our modest budget is staring us down.

The fact is, the money we raised in the Kickstarter and via

Kickstarter? Check.

FUNDED! 333 Backers! $36,112! So! Much! Love!

THANK YOU ALL! Thank you so much! Thank each one of the THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE (333!) dear people who pledged support to this campaign!


Just 10 Hours Left in the Kickstarter :: IT’S WORKING!

Mere hours left in the Kickstarter! We are counting it down. We have the goal made, but honestly we’re less than a third of the way to having enough money to finish this film.

But here’s why I keep writing: It seems like almost every time one of you dear friends shares the Kickstarter link, we get a visible

Guest Post: We Are Not Alone (Vikram Patel and Global Mental Health)

Here’s another in a series of guest posts by our friend/mentor/intern Jill Seidenstein.

The issues that arise within Shanta’s story are complicated and difficult to disentangle from each other. Attempting to detangle mental health from global development from cultural shifts makes me dizzy. I start to follow one thread and find myself hopping to another, wondering about various factors