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Rama asked me to guess how old she was…

Rama works in the little guest house my friend, Kristin, and I stayed for a few nights in Bandipur, Nepal. She cooks and cleans.  She doesn’t have all that much English and I have hardly any Nepali.  We overly “Namaste-d” to compensate— knowing if we spoke the same language

What is the story? We return to Nepal.

I am trying so hard to figure out what this story is about. There is one. There is a big one. And it is about women and their struggle for empowerment in this complicated, changing-too-quickly-for-it’s-own-good world.

This is what I have done in one week and two days:

I have filmed over 10 hours (not including little asides on my

Girlworld Summit

In the last two weeks, I have spent a lot of time researching how Girlworld is going to be seen and used by girls. First, I went to the Seattle Girls School and met with four amazing teachers, Rosetta, Wendy, Brenda and Trina. They got me super fired up. Then I flew to Oakland to my old place of

Updated our “Moving Pictures” Page at NFM

In preparation for our launch of our newly updated/redesigned wedding website, we wanted to also update the “Moving Pictures” page that’d gone a bit stale, over at our NonFiction Media homepage

Your comments are invited. 

Watch this space

The Journal of Short Film.

A couple of years ago I made Amy a gift of a subscription to the remarkable Journal of Short Film. This is something pretty nifty: a DVD magazine, or a film festival for your mailbox. 



Sign up for the exceedingly reasonable subscription, and four times

Righteous Foodie Blog (or, Hey—We’re Famous!)

Our dear friend Jen called us up today to say we’ve got a starring role on her favorite blog. Seattle Tall Poppy, it turns out, is a standout among Seattle’s pretty stellar rank of RFB’s (Righteous Foodie Blogs).

What a very generous and thoughtful post this

Football Tourney Delays Doc’s Wrap Party

Nutan and Amy hard at work on the subtitles. Did I mention it was hard work?

So, in parts of the world that aren’t North America, they have this game called soccer. Actually they call it football, but when you’re an American and not talking about the NFL kind,

Music Luv!

Mangal Maharjan of EMW Records (left), with Siddhartha, Rashil and Gurun of Kutumba

Music is huge, right? I won’t wait for you to answer; it just is. Until now, in our little films we have relied mostly on some pretty good Continue Reading...

Fun Starts Here (Or: First Things First)

So, all the NGO donor-trekkers have departed and we spent the day getting settled into our new, bigger hotel room.

Well, that’s not exactly right; first we had a great meeting over at the NGO offices. Ramesh and Nutan are the amazing ‘ground crew’ here in Kathmandu, the very spine of the organization. Amy’s already talked about how remarkably competent