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The Village.

We have been back from the village, in Kathmandu, for three days. I have dreamed about the village and The Darnals all three nights. We were with them, I mean really with them during our two week village shoot. We ate with them. Went to work and school with them. We unzipped our tents with our toothbrushes in our mouths

The Girl Who Knew Too Much Production Blog

Okay, so this is old news! We have been in Nepal for over two weeks now. I tried to send this post out before we even left home as an introduction—a welcome to this adventure—but for some reason it didn’t work. But here we go. I am going to start you off from the very beginning. More to come very

Arrival: Kathmandu. Check!

Our lovely layover hotel in Seoul-Incheon. Thanks Korean Air!

KAL beef bi bim bap

The Model Release/Consent Form

We have a pretty religious relationship with the model release, or consent forms. The papers, full of legalese, that we stick in front of folks we put on camera, are a treasure for us, even though we’ve never been asked to show them to anyone. We have them translated in Nepali. Many in our files have just fingerprints as the

Tax Deductible Charitable Donations Accepted Here

We have been shouting word of our Kickstarter campaign loudly and proudly from the eRooftops for a while now. We are so happy it funded, and so fully!

Now, as we begin shopping for airplane tickets and finalizing our equipment bags, our modest budget is staring us down.

The fact is, the money we raised in the Kickstarter and via

What You Can Do Right Now

The following is copied from an email sent out by our dear friend Eleanor a couple days ago. It resulted in a huge rise in pledges to our project. We are now in our final hours of the Kickstarter, and we need your help. Please be inspired:

Dear friends,

Have you noticed how many people are doing unto others right

Announcing Kickstarter Stretch Goal: $60,000

Yesterday, two weeks almost to the minute after launching our Kickstarter campaign, we reached our initial fundraising goal (actually exceeded it by a nice margin, thanks to a $5,000 pledge!).

This morning we rolled out our “Stretch Goal” of $60,000.

The way Kickstarter works is that the initial sum is all-or-nothing, meaning that at the end of the campaign,

A Great (and DEEP) Article on Suicide Among Dalits

Untouchable=Load of Hooey (Or: Cultural Relativism Be Damned)

{This is a repost of something I (Scott) originally wrote in 2008}


Even in a vastly simplified form, a discussion of Nepal’s caste system is almost meaninglessly dense for a big-picture guy such as myself. Nominally outlawed before I was born, there nevertheless persists a deep and socially meaningful set of caste divisions in society here.

One of

Kickstarter :: It’s ON!

Less than 48 hours in and we’ve busted $4000. Don’t know what that means for the long haul, but it feels like a pretty good start.

According to Kickstarter’s ratings, we’re Popular This Week in the Films category.

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