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KICKSTARTER! (Or: How TGWKTM Saved Your Holiday Season)

Breathing deeply this Black Friday morning. We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign to fund the final production push.


It’s a big thing, asking the world for money. It is presumptuous and humbling. It’s exciting and nervousmaking. We hope upon hope that what we are doing is of value to enough people that we can continue to do it. Wish

A new title, a different film: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

We started this project in 2008 with it being about how girls’ education is the best thing we can do in the world. We called it Girlworld.

So much has happened  since then regarding the popularity of the women’s empowerment movement. Amazing people like Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn (Half the Sky) are telling that story . The 10×10 project  is

I think our film is a bit of an ‘Insiders Guide to Girls’ Education’

Check out this video I found on the United Nations Foundation news feed. It is about Ethiopia, but could very well be Nepal. It made me think about our film. It made me think that what we are making is sort of an ‘insiders’ guide’ to what a family has on the line when they send a girl to school

NonFiction Media goes to Singapore for the UNIFEM Film Festival

That’s right! Somebody pinch me!  I was invited by UNIFEM (United Nation Development Fund for Women) to present at their Empowering Women Film Festival. Besides presenting at the film festival on Saturday, I will also be showing our film and leading discussions at four different schools tomorrow. I am so excited!

As I was waiting in line at customs tonight

What is the story? We return to Nepal.

I am trying so hard to figure out what this story is about. There is one. There is a big one. And it is about women and their struggle for empowerment in this complicated, changing-too-quickly-for-it’s-own-good world.

This is what I have done in one week and two days:

I have filmed over 10 hours (not including little asides on my

Girlworld Gift Cards!

We mentioned in our last post that we’d made up some gift cards. Since it’s getting to be giving time, here’s a look:

You’ve got the cards–there are three different ones…

We wrap them up with little raffia ties so they’re giftier.

And inside there are these little cards, so that you

Going Over Budget (or: On Transparency)

We will talk to a handful of individuals and organizations who have given to support Girlworld, and we will ask them to share their reasons.

Girlworld Summit

In the last two weeks, I have spent a lot of time researching how Girlworld is going to be seen and used by girls. First, I went to the Seattle Girls School and met with four amazing teachers, Rosetta, Wendy, Brenda and Trina. They got me super fired up. Then I flew to Oakland to my old place of

My consultation with Working Films

Wow! Robert West, the executive director of Working Films is a super smart guy. His whole thing is helping filmmakers create powerful audience engagement campaigns and he is really good at it. Working Films has facilitated outreach campaigns for films such as The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Garbage Dreams (about two young garbage collectors in Cairo), and No