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Girlworld and its social impact

Scott and I are working and reworking our Girlworld pitch. You know, what we tell people when they ask us what we’re doing.

We are getting better and better, the more we do it. One thing that is becoming very clear is that for funders we really need to explain how our documentary will bring change — will do capital

Righteous Foodie Blog (or, Hey—We’re Famous!)

Our dear friend Jen called us up today to say we’ve got a starring role on her favorite blog. Seattle Tall Poppy, it turns out, is a standout among Seattle’s pretty stellar rank of RFB’s (Righteous Foodie Blogs).

What a very generous and thoughtful post this

Cut Hair Sir? Trim Face?

I opted not to get a faecial.

Authentic Nepali Barbershop Experience

It’s not just dull scissors, dirty towels and sketchy straight razors any longer!

NOW, featuring MORE (more, more):

spine punching eyebrow twiddling arm pinching nostril manipulation earlobe flicking temple compressing neck cracking collarbone stretching forehead slapping cheek

Football Tourney Delays Doc’s Wrap Party

Nutan and Amy hard at work on the subtitles. Did I mention it was hard work?

So, in parts of the world that aren’t North America, they have this game called soccer. Actually they call it football, but when you’re an American and not talking about the NFL kind,

Music Luv!

Mangal Maharjan of EMW Records (left), with Siddhartha, Rashil and Gurun of Kutumba

Music is huge, right? I won’t wait for you to answer; it just is. Until now, in our little films we have relied mostly on some pretty good Continue Reading...

Rescheduling a Guilt Trip

If the picture that should appear below is indeed doing so, you will be looking at the most difficult-to-upload picture of all time.

Pause a moment here, if you like.


There now, wasn’t that worth it?

Please note that the above picture was to have been the anchor

Love+Hate=Lavalier Mics

We use lavalier mics a lot. Pretty much any time we have a camera on a person, we try to have them mic’d with a lav.

If they’re sitting still, we use a wired one; if they’re moving around, we stick a wireless on em. We like people, and in the course of making films about them, we have arrived

The Sticks

Koruna is from the sticks. The thing is, the sticks isn’t so far away, like maybe as the crow flies– 6 miles from our hotel. Landscape-tually and culturally, driving there was like leaving the big city and entering Little House on the Prairie-ville.

ROADS: Since we’ve been here, I have thought a lot about the effect of roads. The road

Exhausterated? Exhilsted? I love my job!

Best. Documentary. Day. Ever.

Exhausted and Exhilerated, in equal measures. Big, big shooting day (up at 5, out at 6, return at 7:45pm, two cameras rolling off and on much of the day), ‘out in the village’, with Koruna.

More tomorrow, I hope. For now, a few pictures, and off to reel in some swoony sleep.

Continue Reading...

Untouchable=Load of Hooey (Or: Cultural Relativism Be Damned)

Even in a vastly simplified form, a discussion of Nepal’s caste system is almost meaninglessly dense for a big-picture guy such as myself. Nominally outlawed before I was born, there nevertheless persists a deep and socially meaningful set of caste divisions in society here.

One of our newest subjects is of an Untouchable caste. Not entirely coincidentally, she is