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The Sticks

Koruna is from the sticks. The thing is, the sticks isn’t so far away, like maybe as the crow flies– 6 miles from our hotel. Landscape-tually and culturally, driving there was like leaving the big city and entering Little House on the Prairie-ville.

ROADS: Since we’ve been here, I have thought a lot about the effect of roads. The road

Exhausterated? Exhilsted? I love my job!

Best. Documentary. Day. Ever.

Exhausted and Exhilerated, in equal measures. Big, big shooting day (up at 5, out at 6, return at 7:45pm, two cameras rolling off and on much of the day), ‘out in the village’, with Koruna.

More tomorrow, I hope. For now, a few pictures, and off to reel in some swoony sleep.

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Untouchable=Load of Hooey (Or: Cultural Relativism Be Damned)

Even in a vastly simplified form, a discussion of Nepal’s caste system is almost meaninglessly dense for a big-picture guy such as myself. Nominally outlawed before I was born, there nevertheless persists a deep and socially meaningful set of caste divisions in society here.

One of our newest subjects is of an Untouchable caste. Not entirely coincidentally, she is

In a World Without Television…

…thirteen year old farmgirls want to grow up to be farmers, it seems. “If you could do anything you wanted to when you grow up, what would you do?” We asked Saru.

“Probably work in the fields here,” she said. “Well, I love it, and it would give enough

Fun Starts Here (Or: First Things First)

So, all the NGO donor-trekkers have departed and we spent the day getting settled into our new, bigger hotel room.

Well, that’s not exactly right; first we had a great meeting over at the NGO offices. Ramesh and Nutan are the amazing ‘ground crew’ here in Kathmandu, the very spine of the organization. Amy’s already talked about how remarkably competent

Packing it down

Been spending some quality time with our Pelican bags, trying to configure the kits to make sure that everything crucial gets to Nepal in one piece, and that we can carry all the really key stuff on the planes with us.

To that end, I’ve been configuring our two

Canon Professional Services Rocks too!

Canon USA’s Professional Services division also stepped up to honor Serious Customer Service, when I called yesterday to find out status on a body and lens we’d sent in for repair. For whatever reason, these hadn’t been initiated, even though I’d authorized the repair (and emailed a PDF of our warranty cards so they knew when the lenses were purchased).