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The Model Release/Consent Form

We have a pretty religious relationship with the model release, or consent forms. The papers, full of legalese, that we stick in front of folks we put on camera, are a treasure for us, even though we’ve never been asked to show them to anyone. We have them translated in Nepali. Many in our files have just fingerprints as the

Kickstarter? Check.

FUNDED! 333 Backers! $36,112! So! Much! Love!

THANK YOU ALL! Thank you so much! Thank each one of the THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE (333!) dear people who pledged support to this campaign!


Just 10 Hours Left in the Kickstarter :: IT’S WORKING!

Mere hours left in the Kickstarter! We are counting it down. We have the goal made, but honestly we’re less than a third of the way to having enough money to finish this film.

But here’s why I keep writing: It seems like almost every time one of you dear friends shares the Kickstarter link, we get a visible

Announcing Kickstarter Stretch Goal: $60,000

Yesterday, two weeks almost to the minute after launching our Kickstarter campaign, we reached our initial fundraising goal (actually exceeded it by a nice margin, thanks to a $5,000 pledge!).

This morning we rolled out our “Stretch Goal” of $60,000.

The way Kickstarter works is that the initial sum is all-or-nothing, meaning that at the end of the campaign,

Untouchable=Load of Hooey (Or: Cultural Relativism Be Damned)

{This is a repost of something I (Scott) originally wrote in 2008}


Even in a vastly simplified form, a discussion of Nepal’s caste system is almost meaninglessly dense for a big-picture guy such as myself. Nominally outlawed before I was born, there nevertheless persists a deep and socially meaningful set of caste divisions in society here.

One of

The Day We Met Shanta

We knew we were meeting a girl who had people’s attention. They spoke in reverent tones about her intelligence and ‘spark’.

Amy and I loaded up, one with the gear into the back of the tiny car, the other on the back of a motorbike, and wound across Kathmandu–a city seemingly made up entirely of back alleys–to the ancient red-brick

It Occurred To Both Of Us Last Night, Just Before Sleep…

…that not only is this Kickstarter thing a good way to build audience and round up some goodhearted money for your project…

{take a breath}

…but it also is a way to make yourself and your project accountable to a whole bunch of people.

Would you be surprised to learn this was not all that relaxing a thought?


A new title, a different film: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

We started this project in 2008 with it being about how girls’ education is the best thing we can do in the world. We called it Girlworld.

So much has happened  since then regarding the popularity of the women’s empowerment movement. Amazing people like Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn (Half the Sky) are telling that story . The 10×10 project  is

What is the story? We return to Nepal.

I am trying so hard to figure out what this story is about. There is one. There is a big one. And it is about women and their struggle for empowerment in this complicated, changing-too-quickly-for-it’s-own-good world.

This is what I have done in one week and two days:

I have filmed over 10 hours (not including little asides on my

Girlworld Gift Cards!

We mentioned in our last post that we’d made up some gift cards. Since it’s getting to be giving time, here’s a look:

You’ve got the cards–there are three different ones…

We wrap them up with little raffia ties so they’re giftier.

And inside there are these little cards, so that you