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Thanks, Friends and Neighbors!

On Sunday we had our “Baking a Difference” Girlworld Fundraiser Afternoon Tea and Mixer, and it was a huge success!

We want to send HUGE thanks to Liv, who masterminded, orchestrated and alchemied this event, and to Gina and Seth who hosted. You guys rule!

Liv shows off the

Going Over Budget (Redux)

A couple months ago, we wrote about our/Girlworld’s budget, and our commitment to transparency.

But we left something rather important out of the conversation, which is that while we have begun fundraising, we have not yet started to use the money we are raising. In other words, in spite of the fancy long budgets we posted that make it

Going Over Budget (or: On Transparency)

We will talk to a handful of individuals and organizations who have given to support Girlworld, and we will ask them to share their reasons.