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We have news!!!




Somebody pinch me! We have a final cut of the film!!! After seven years, four trips to Nepal, collecting almost 200 hours of footage, countless hours of translating and seven months of editing, we have

Amy’s TEDx Talk is NOW LIVE!

Please have a look at the final video from Amy’s TEDx Monterey talk!

If you feel inspired to support the project, today (Tuesday the 6th of May, thru midnight) is GiveBig day, and any donation you make THROUGH THIS LINK will be 100% tax deductible and will be S T R E T C H E D !!!

An invitation & an update

There is so much happening right now! It is so exciting. Even if I had time to sleep, I might not be doing such a thing because I am so wired from all the BIGNESS that is going on.

But before I give you the highlights, I have an INVITATION for those of you who live in the Seattle area:

Ending This Year, Feeling So Blessed!

The last 3 months have looked a lot like this…


This is a photo Kristin took from her stool where she would perch and type up notes from every minute of footage we reviewed. I am not really sure how

A BIG year and another one about to start!

I think of the New Year as beginning in September. It’s my mindset. I taught school for ten years. Every fall I get swoony over school supplies and feel wistful when I see nervous kids in crisp clothes at bus stops. It is the time of new things and beginnings—empty notebooks,  sharpened pencils—fresh starts.

We just wrapped up a

A trailer treat for give BIG day!

In honor of give BIG day, we created a trailer with some of our latest footage!!!

Today your donation to the THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH via Nonfiction Media through The Seattle Foundation’s website, will be stretched by a pool of money given from local corporations.

All the money we raise today will go toward

Going Big for GiveBIG (Or: How to Get More TGWKTM For Your Money Using Other People’s Money!)

You are awesome for reading this. And Seattle is awesome. Thank you, dear reader. And thank you, The Seattle Foundation!

GiveBIG is a remarkable one-day donation ‘stretching’ event backed by a ton of great organizations, and we are honored to be part of it this year.

Then, if you are so inclined, click on the picture below to

Proof these two worlds exist at the same time!

It is hard to believe that Shanta’s village exists in the same time and world as the life I lead in West Seattle. It just seems impossible.

But here is the proof. When Scott and Shailendra returned to the village to film Shanta’s mom’s journey to the city, they called me. I got to talk to Sarita on speakerphone while

Kristin, Documentary Doula

Hiring Kristin was never exactly a decision. It just happened. Sort of like we always knew it would. We toasted to it and talked about money and all that. But, it was so natural. She has been our neighbor and dear friend since the beginning. It was Kristin who created a ceremony of mourning for Shanta shortly after her death.