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Short note to say that the speed and reliability of the internet connection here seems to have gone backwards since we last were here. We had hoped to be posting more pictures

American Lawyers and Hindu Gods

It is so awkward getting releases here. I mean, I guess getting releases is always awkward. You are, directly, asking a subject to trust you with their image and words which requires them to sign a legal document – which makes it seem like they shouldn’t trust you. In the states, we have a familiar language and ritual around this;

The Village.

We have been back from the village, in Kathmandu, for three days. I have dreamed about the village and The Darnals all three nights. We were with them, I mean really with them during our two week village shoot. We ate with them. Went to work and school with them. We unzipped our tents with our toothbrushes in our mouths


Huge News, people! The Sundance Institute has awarded TGWKTM a $25,000 grant to support production of this film.

This is enormous for us. Positively enormous!

When we launched our Kickstarter, we had no idea how much support and passion our film would engender. Reaching our ‘bare minimum’ funding goal of $27,000 in two weeks, with tons of support from all

Unreasonable Commitment

Here is a little something I wrote for the zine, Courageous Creativity, from Shirin Subhani and Shahana Dattagupta the founders of Flying Chickadee, a really sweet publishing outfit out of Seattle.

I wrote it exactly a year ago and although I have posted it before, I am doing it again. It is about my personal journey making this film after having

Article by Lisa Pollman about us (We are the local filmmakers!) at the The Seattle Vine Project!

Local Filmmakers Unravel Mystery in Rural Nepal

By  | December 6, 2012

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world. 

In 2008, Seattle filmmakers Amy Benson and Scott Squire traveled to Nepal to make a promotional film for a foreign NGO that provided scholarships for girls to go to school.

This Kickstarter Thing: It’s Not Just About The Money. Seriously.

This past six days have been amazing. I am reeling. Responses from people about the film via our Kickstarter and Facebook have been phenomenal. People that I have never met are sending notes with their words of encouragement,  thanks, excitement — as well as their personal stories about suicide, deep connection with Nepal, their concerns about the lack of mental health in

The Third Time Was the Charm (‘Was’ being the operative word)


But then we sent the preview out to a few trusted advisers. Back to work.

Facebook, of course!

We set up a new Facebook page for the movie a while back. We’re moving forward on this thing. Starting to feel some momentum.

We like it.

Famous in West Seattle!

The super awesome West Seattle Blog posted a note about our rough cut screenings, coming up. Yay! Love the local luv!