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Girls’ Education in Afghanistan, on NPR

The want of an education is a human universal. These girls in Afghanistan are risking their lives to attend school. I think girls (and boys) would do the same here, if we had to. The hunger to learn is within all of us.

Why “The Girl Effect” is So Effective

Our buddy Chris B turned us on to this very cogent deconstruction of the very awesome video, “The Girl Effect”.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to run, do not walk, to your nearest YouTube purveyor and check it out. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Talk about a way to

Baking a Difference!

Our lovely neighbor and dear friend Liv Browning has started up a blog, around a genuinely sweet idea: Baking a Difference.

We are thrilled and humbled and beyond grateful to note that she’s already raised a good little chunk of money for Girlworld through this nifty initiative.

Thanks Liv! Thanks nice buyers of baked goods! Watch this space

How ITVS the application process made us smarter and better filmmakers

In July, Scott and I attended an ITVS workshop with Richard Saiz, their program director. Wooey! That guy is good. I hung on every word.

It took me back to when I flirted with being an English major. In the workshop we picked apart accepted ITVS films like we did Goethe in college. Richard spoke of symbolism, motif and universals.

New 20-minute Girlworld cut

Sundance funds feature documentaries “about pressing human rights, social justice, civil liberties and related topics from the US and internationally. Proposals to the Documentary Fund are evaluated on effective storytelling, global relevance, originality, artistic innovation and potential social engagement.”

Girlworld + Rocky Votolato Living Room Tour 2010 = Love

Sweet serendipity! This week we were introduced by our good friend from forever, Erin, to her friend, Jennifer.

Jennifer found out about Girlworld via Facebook without knowing who we were at all. She chose Girlworl to be the fundraising focus for a Rocky Votolato concert she is hosting in her living room this summer. When she invited music connoisseur

Girlworld and its social impact

Scott and I are working and reworking our Girlworld pitch. You know, what we tell people when they ask us what we’re doing.

We are getting better and better, the more we do it. One thing that is becoming very clear is that for funders we really need to explain how our documentary will bring change — will do capital

It’s Working! GirlWorld, the documentary.

We knew on the flight home from Nepal two years ago, that we would be back.  Scott and I are far from the first people to say, “Nepal changed my life.” It is practically cliche’, right? But man, it really did.

Well, I shouldn’t say it was Nepal, the country, that did a number on us (although, Nepal as a

The Journal of Short Film.

A couple of years ago I made Amy a gift of a subscription to the remarkable Journal of Short Film. This is something pretty nifty: a DVD magazine, or a film festival for your mailbox. 



Sign up for the exceedingly reasonable subscription, and four times

DocFarm? Very, Very Cool Weekend.

We spent Saturday and most of Sunday at DocFarm, a structured/casual retreat for local documentary filmmakers and enthusiasts. This is the third year it’s been going on, and the first Amy and I have been able to attend (we’ve usually got a wedding booked that weekend, but this year, on account of we were in Nepal most of