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Fun Starts Here (Or: First Things First)

So, all the NGO donor-trekkers have departed and we spent the day getting settled into our new, bigger hotel room.

Well, that’s not exactly right; first we had a great meeting over at the NGO offices. Ramesh and Nutan are the amazing ‘ground crew’ here in Kathmandu, the very spine of the organization. Amy’s already talked about how remarkably competent

Packing it down

Been spending some quality time with our Pelican bags, trying to configure the kits to make sure that everything crucial gets to Nepal in one piece, and that we can carry all the really key stuff on the planes with us.

To that end, I’ve been configuring our two

Canon Professional Services Rocks too!

Canon USA’s Professional Services division also stepped up to honor Serious Customer Service, when I called yesterday to find out status on a body and lens we’d sent in for repair. For whatever reason, these hadn’t been initiated, even though I’d authorized the repair (and emailed a PDF of our warranty cards so they knew when the lenses were purchased). 

CREATION Project: Success!

We just finished up a video introduction to a couple evenings of performance in Seattle, sponsored by the Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (CD Forum). CREATION Project supported six African American generative artists through the process of developing a new work.

There’ll be a couple nights of performance (that we’ll miss, dangit)–six new works. Really dynamic artists.