Day Three’s Grand Plans (Wow, This Is A LOT)

Update #2

I had planned to write out a blog post debriefing every day’s doings for this campaign. Evidently it doesn’t take long to get behind. This is a full time gig. Now it’s 1:22AM and I must sleep, with a growing backlog of things in my To-Do for tomorrow and tomorrow.

Three great things: We got to $5,000 today, we had a really big surge of Likes, Shares and donations from Nepalis, and we experienced some really above-and-beyond freelance evangelism from people (talking to you, HollySueshaDanSuzanneJill, andKutumba, among others).

Wow. Just, wow. Thank you.

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  1. Holly Zipperer
    November 26, 2012

    It’s been exciting to track the donations as they come in. Very excited that you have broken the $5,000 mark. Will continue to tweet, share, spread the word, etc in the coming weeks.

    I believe in this project and think Shanta’s story deserved to be told so others may not end up like her…


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