Drawing the Tiger in Toronto!


Amid horrible news out of Nepal, we are hoping that our world premiere screenings at Hot Docs will be a platform for conversation about how best we can direct support efforts. We have been busy just arriving and getting oriented, and have not yet quite had time to take it all in and assimilate the news to understand it ourselves. So more on that as we get a better understanding of the landscape of earthquake recovery.


Toronto, and Hot Docs have been very welcoming. Look:
photo 4-1


photo 5



What does Amy Benson love more than anything in the world? An all access pass. BOOM.
photo 3-1





What does Amy love more than an All Access pass? A Happy Hour!

photo 2-1
Happy Hour, AKA the Cathedral of Schmooze.

photo 3

Europe, right here in North America.



photo 1

10pm Shwarmas on Yonge St. Good eats around here.
Enough touristing! We’ve got to do some homework to figure out how best we can help Nepal from this modest bully pulpit we’re about to have here. Stay tuned.

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  1. Robert Martin
    April 28, 2015

    So excited for you!!!!


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