Ending This Year, Feeling So Blessed!

The last 3 months have looked a lot like this…


This is a photo Kristin took from her stool where she would perch and type up notes from every minute of footage we reviewed. I am not really sure how she kept this up for hours on end, day after day, but I am so grateful. I have a feeling our editor, Fiona, will be working with the most organized documentary film ever… and that is going to be because of one Kristin Ougendal.

It has been the three of us—Kristin, our “documentary doula“, Shraddha, our Nepali language and cultural translator, and me—sitting in front of the computer watching footage. (While Scott does EVERYTHING else: raising funds, parenting our son, managing our apartment building, doing commercial work, making dinner…)

It is surprisingly exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. There have been mornings, while watching some of the interviews with Shanta’s step-mom, where I would have to fight back tears as Shraddha would translate Saraswati’s deep pain for us. Then, there were days that were full of hilarity. Shanta’s mom is a wise-cracker. The things she yells at her children and says to herself about her children had us in stitches (Don’t worry. You will get to experience plenty of this when you see the film).

There were days when the footage was so amazing we felt like we must have an Oscar winner on our hands and then there were days that felt more like— straight to video.

No matter the day, I loved going into our studio to spend it with Kristin and Shraddha. What a blessing to work on a passion project where the passion is shared with people you love.

It has been fun to watch Shraddha fall in love with these characters that she has never actually met, from her home country. I often daydream about the day the film is done, and we get to show it in Nepal–show it to the Darnals–and Shraddha being there to witness it all too.

It is so much more than language/cultural translation and time that Shraddha is giving to this project. She grounds us. She comes in with wise words, readings, yummy snacks and blessings. And, of course, stories. Everyone in involved in the film has their own story or stories that explains how they connect to Shanta and her plight.


What is next for the making of THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH? A retreat! Shraddha, Kristin and I are going away for a few days at the end of January to a secret location (Kristin’s parents’ house) to do the final preparations before the editing process (our deadline is February 1st). Then starts the next chapter… finishing the film, FOR REAL!

2014  is going to be a REALLY good year. I can feel it. I hope you do too!



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