GiveBig! It’s On, and It’s All About Translation! (Now Accepting American Express!*)

We’ve got some heroism in the studio these days. Let us raise a toast (or a few thousand dollars!) to Shraddha, Neeta and Anzeela, who are doing the incredible work of translating this footage.

GiveBig has begun, and the theme this year is HEROES! Our heroes right now are our translators. Last year, donations we received during GiveBig are what enabled us to begin paying Shraddha regularly. The work has continued more or less steadily for a year, and we’re ramping it up really intensely right now. So it’s great GiveBig is back around!

Until midnight tonight, May 6th, any donation you make through THIS LINK will be both 100% tax deductible AND stretched by the Seattle Foundation (bless them! Bless you!)….

{Housekeeping note: we have heard of some donors experiencing trouble with the Click & Pledge page; please let us know if you do, and we will help you through it! We don’t want to miss any donations!}

The timing couldn’t be better. We have begun a super duper, all-heads-down, double shifts mega-push to finish principal translation. It is an incredibly time consuming and important process.



The studio is just abuzz with linguistic negotiations–as Neeta (pictured above in blue) and Shraddha (in yellow)  and Anzeela (not shown) comb the translations for accuracy and tone and meaning and accent, and we all together work out how we think many of the lines should read in subtitles.

It is a process very much like nothing else I’ve ever done. So much responsibility, so much weight to preparing a person’s candid, often vulnerable words for public consumption.

The theme for GiveBig this year is Heroes, and we nominate our translators as the heroes of this hour. Their work is incredibly taxing, and the donations we receive will enable us to continue (and in the case of Anzeela, who is still a volunteer, begin) paying them fairly for their crucial efforts. Only now are we beginning to realize just HOW important they are.

Thanks to Shraddha, to Neeta, and to Anzeela, for their great work. And thank you to YOU (you know who you are), who continue to support this effort with your love, your money, your Likes and Shares, and for believing as we do that this story is too important to make a mediocre movie about.

We are in it together! GiveBig!

(*This year marks the first time American Express has been accepted as a method of payment for GiveBig donations. Seems like worthwhile news to us.)

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