I think our film is a bit of an ‘Insiders Guide to Girls’ Education’

Check out this video I found on the United Nations Foundation news feed. It is about Ethiopia, but could very well be Nepal. It made me think about our film. It made me think that what we are making is sort of an ‘insiders’ guide’ to what a family has on the line when they send a girl to school versus marrying them off.

Let’s face it, most of the Western made films about educating girls as a means of combating poverty (even when inspiring) are pretty predictable. They’re mostly promotional pieces like what we set out to make. Shanta’s death has compelled us to move this conversation to the next level.

We tackle that level by going inside Shanta’s family’s day to day life. This UN video below makes it look like a simple decision to send a girl off to school– like it is a matter of just the family making up their mind that it is the best thing to do. It does not mention the weight of hunger, financial stress and deep discrimination.

The costs of opportunity.


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