Kickstarter :: Day One Debrief

Day One Debrief

Update #1 · Nov. 25, 2012 · comment

Wow, what a rush. We launched at 10:02AM.

We had sent our son home with his grandparents (VERY high on list of things to be thankful for: Grandma & Grandpa!) and we just put our heads down all day. We worked the Facebooks–something pretty new to us as other than very casual users–and tried to build some presence in Twitter.

Facebook was mainly about reaching out to folks we know and letting them know we have this thing going on. Maybe our Facebook friends will think differently of it, but it feels like we’re going pretty easy on folks so far, not bashing folks over the head too hard. I hope if we’re wrong, someone will let us know.

Honestly a lot of it (especially for me, Scott) was just about beginning to get our sea legs in Facebook a little. Feeling out the terrain of social media. We’ve known it was there, waiting for us, but hadn’t ever really felt the need to make immediate reach in the way we have begun to.

Twitter. I’m feeling like it’s helped a ton. Our awesome “Mentorn” (a cross between an intern and a mentor), Jill has been gently guiding my first wobblefooted baby tweets, by nudge and example. I like the form–the distillation process feels kind of like making poetry (aware I’m not the first to note this, ahem).

It seems also to have a very efficient reach potential. I’m feeling like I’m getting Twitter a bit. My goal is to reach Nicholas Kristof’s Twitter-radar, and to have him join in the conversation somehow. He has been such a visible leader in, quite honestly, popularizing the idea of empowering women as a subject for everyday conversation. I know he has his critics, and I sometimes count myself among them, but I admire the living daylights out of @NickKristof.

I had several back-and-forths with Rhianon, our most righteous WordPress ninja, getting our new website in operational condition. So mad thanks to R.

We spent some time writing and sending press releases to local blogs and papers. A few. The West Seattle Blog has said they’ll announce the Kickstarter along with two postings for the rough cut screening on the 28th. We were hoping to get a feature(ette), but count on them to have some integrity and not just feature any old over-the-transom do-gooder couple. We love them–they brought our at least half our first screening audience.

As a final act for the day, we ham-handedly spammed Kickstarter’s Facebook page with a call for tech help (with a link to our film of course!). It was removed promptly and we hope they didn’t get mad at us. Oopsie. Still learning. Will try not to do it again.

We went to bed on TGWKTM Kickstarter Day #1 with a cool $1000 in the virtual all-or-nothing coffers.

If you are reading this I suspect we owe you a hearty thank you:


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