Proof these two worlds exist at the same time!

It is hard to believe that Shanta’s village exists in the same time and world as the life I lead in West Seattle. It just seems impossible.

But here is the proof. When Scott and Shailendra returned to the village to film Shanta’s mom’s journey to the city, they called me. I got to talk to Sarita on speakerphone while she was wearing my hat that I left her. See that iPhone Shailendra is holding?–in this picture I am inside that phone right there.

I almost couldn’t breathe [neither could Sarita or Rashmita or Saraswati. –ed.]. I can’t explain why exactly this hit me so hard. I guess, simply because of the stark realization that our lives continue on these parallel planes, under the same moon and stars… but I have heat, clean reliable water, electricity, a fridge full of food—so much food, so many choices—some actual cash as part of our economy, a bed, occasional down time, a splash of wine… dreams for the future… And they, my friends, continue on, as far as we can tell without any of these things. I am thinking about them. They are thinking about me.

But it feels very unfair. Just  saying. Basic stuff, nothing new. But we are always trying to figure out how to think about this.


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  1. Christine
    April 4, 2013

    Amy, I appreciate both you and Scott so much. Thank you for sharing your journey, for shedding light on other parts of the world, and for giving us your gift of talent. I am with you…in Laos. Tightest of hugs.


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