Quite a Rumination About Suicide From the UK

This article is about a situation very different from Shanta’s death, but the issues it brings to the fore are familiar–stigmatization of mental health, lack of support for mental health, heightened risks from economic and social crises. The author’s discussion–and though I generally try not to read them in newspapers because they are so often mean and vacuous, the comments–really gave me pause.

I learned about this article in an excellent blog I follow, Duckrabbit, which is about storytelling, and which is steadily a source of inspiration for us.

We desperately need to hear more such voices. As mental health charity Mind describes, those with mental health problems are often isolated; are unable to take part in everyday activities; and struggle to get jobs. No one sufferer has the same experience, and there is no one solution. But all of us will know people in our families, workplaces and communities who are silently struggling, unable to seek support.

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