Radio & Video (Amy’s a Star!)

Amy was on the radio today, talking in a really nicely conducted one-hour interview about Girlworld. Keesha Ewers, whom we met at a fundraiser for another lovely org that supports girls’ education and women’s empowerment in Nepal, invited Amy to be a guest on her show.

It was prerecorded last week, but we didn’t hear it until it aired today. I believe you will be able to download an archive of the show from this link–it’s a 25 megabyte MP3 file that will download and you can play on your iTunes or other media player.

Keesha and Healthy You! Radio have also highlighted Girlworld as “A Holiday Gift that Counts” on the website. Wow!

The interview itself was really good. Keesha herself is very interested in educating girls, in particular as a means of preventing their becoming victims of sex trafficking, and her family is quite involved with this cause. So there’s a ton of overlap between her area of interest and ours. She really laid out this landscape in the interview, and Amy held up her end quite admirably too (yeah, I’m proud, and glad I wasn’t in the hot seat!).

We’d love to hear your comments. Ahem, once we get you the link to hear the show, that is. If you heard it, tell us what you thought!


  1. Karre
    February 21, 2011

    I listened to the show and would have really liked to hear more of Amy. Amy’s idea about one of the reasons for Shanta’s suicide made me think of this one episode of This American Life, American Limbo: act 3 where Sylvia is the first in her Mexican American family to get a college education.


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