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–To Purchase DVD or Streaming–

At present Drawing the Tiger is available for streaming/DVD only to educational institutions. Please visit our page on the Women Make Movies website. We will post information here as soon as it becomes available to general audiences.

–Upcoming Screenings–

At present no screenings are scheduled

–Past Screenings–

CAAM Fest (Center For Asian American Media) San Francisco, CA
Sebastopol Film Festival Sebastopol, CA
Toronto Nepali Film Festival Toronto, CA
Films De Femmes Créteil, France
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
2016 Edinburgh Nepali Film Festival Edinburgh, Scotland
Hot Docs, World Premiere
Camden International Film Festival, US Premiere
Northwest Film Forum – Best Feature Film
Woodstock International Film Festival
Festival Diritti Umani
Tasveer South Asian Film Festival
Margaret Mead Film Festival
Friday Harbor Film Festival
Cork International Film Festival
Northwest Filmmakers Festival, Portland
Jerusalem Cinemateque
Film South Asia- Nepal Premiere, UNICEF Film Award
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival