Sprout! Wow! What a high!

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Sproutwas way back in November, but I am still high from it. I have been so busy working on the film itself, I have not had time to reflect on the experience of Sprout. However, it was great and deserves a debrief. I have a moment here and am taking it.

Sprout is this amazing event  that happens twice a year  in Seattle. It was created by Sarah Steininger and Kristin Hoskins. It is such a cool thing.

How it goes is this: Artists apply to present—any kind of art project goes—dance, zine, film, poetry, sculpture, photography, music…you know… art. Six projects/ presenters are selected each time. People who love art and food purchase tickets to a yummy dinner made by a hip Seattle chef who cooks with a bunch of volunteers for the good of the cause. There is wine and beer and three courses. The vibe is fun, casual… warm. The design of the whole thing is classy, real and sweet. The presenters present in between courses. At the end of the evening, there is a vote. The two projects with the top number of votes, get the proceeds from the dinner ($1000 & $500).

I hear the food was delicious. I didn’t really get to enjoy this part of the evening because I was so nervous, I could barely take a bite. (Scott was off on a shoot and could not be there. I was on my own.)  I presented last. I was shaking a bit as I was introduced. The room was full of people and they were all starring at me. This was after a bunch of really cool projects and presenters. Even though I talk about Shanta and our film all the time, I still am unsure how much to include. What do people want and need to know about the film? Where and how does my emotional connection to the film fit into pitch? What scenes do I show?

I just went with it. I let it flow out of me. The 8 minutes I was allotted went by quickly. I got it all in. I saw folks’ heads nodding ‘yes’. I felt the room was there with me. It was a great feeling to say the least. And, to have my mom in the audience as well as some of my other dearest friends, just made the night amazing.

Winning was so much more than about the money for me. Don’t get me wrong, having $1000 earmarked for quality translation is  fantastic! But, even more than that—having a room full of people that don’t know me, believe in the project, was a serious high.

The next Sprout is March 31, 2012. If we are not in Nepal, we will definitely be there. We will see you there!


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