Thanks, Friends and Neighbors!

On Sunday we had our “Baking a Difference” Girlworld Fundraiser Afternoon Tea and Mixer, and it was a huge success!

We want to send HUGE thanks to Liv, who masterminded, orchestrated and alchemied this event, and to Gina and Seth who hosted. You guys rule!

Liv shows off the star of her show, the Pear Ginger Cheesecake. It was uproariously good (We know where you can get one, and help Girlworld while you’re at it, hint, hint!).

Liv baked a ton of delicious desserts. From memory (left to right): Fig tarte, Pear Ginger Cheesecake, French Buttercake with pear, Almond poundcake, and in the middle, almondy shortbread cookies and gluten-free yum-yum crisps. We and others fleshed out the table with some other goodies, and there was wine and tea and coffee and …

O figs!

We put together some party favors (mainly gift cards, so you can gift people a donation to Girlworld if you like. If you’d like some, just holler, perhaps there are some gift-giving occasions coming up on your calendar? All tax deductible of course!)

Amy and I got kind of dolled up, and talked a bit to the assembled hordes, then we screened our 20 minute cut.

Bunches of lovely people, enjoying our film.

It was a really buoying event for us. Total proceeds from this event as of now are just under $1000! We are thrilled and grateful!

We’ve been planning to return to Nepal for a second round of filming in early 2011, and that money (and maybe even more importantly the support) is going to make a huge difference in our ability to do our jobs well during that trip.

Thank you all!

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