World Premiere Is Official!

We could not be more thrilled than we are to announce that Drawing the Tiger has received its world premiere at the very most awesome Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival!

See Amy’s video announcement here.

You can buy tickets here, but better yet, go pledge at the new Kickstarter, where we’re offering tickets as rewards!

This is the reason for all the urgency on this crowdfunding¬†campaign–we need to have the music final, the film mixed, sweetened, color graded, the subtitles finalized, the credits crawled, the pieces married and the whole heap mastered and DCP’d and in the hands of Hot Docs operatives in Toronto by the 7th of April. Which means we’re sending it all off before the end of this month! GULP!

A Grand World Premiere is a wonderful thing in itself, and we are proud and excited, but the real bonus of this is that we think it’ll be the perfect platform from which the film can begin its important work of catalyzing the conversation around holistic approaches to western aid/interventions in the developing world.


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