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how many dogs can you own in ontario

However, it does happen that a landlord may not wish to take action, may not find the circumstances warranting action, or simply does not care. During night time around 10 to 11 PM he takes his dog in the hallway (9th floor) and runs back and forth with his dog to exercise as the weather outside is cold. There is little dispute today that a landlord, in Ontario, may indeed choose not to rent to a person with pets. What are my rights?It just seems unfair that I can't a. use any of her deposit for the cleaning fee. Hamilton's Responsible Animal Ownership By-law No. Upon moving into my residence i did not have any pets after moving in I aquired two cats. I'm a bit concerned about what kind of tenancy is being created here. Make a note of the date and time of day, the duration of the barking, and how loud it is.Send your complaints to the landlord and provide the evidence of the problems to the landlord as well. If I had known about this rule I never would have moved into this building. However, I can't say for certain how your adjudicator would decide the matter.I will say, this is likely not one of those cases where you simply move and let the chips fall where they may. As of Nov. 1, 2014, all dog licences are valid for one year from the anniversary of the date of purchase. 0 2. Many people do not like dogs and don't want to have a dog jump on them. Self-Trained Service Dog Teams And while you are allowed to own pigeons, a Toronto bylaw states owners cannot “permit the pigeons to stray, perch, roost or rest upon any public place in the city, except on the property of the person keeping the pigeons.”. In my firm we have seen the effects of vicious dog bites and the disfigurement and disabilities caused by dogs. My mom has had her dog ( a Rescue) for 4 years ,she makes sure she poop scopes after him ,he is not a barking dog nor is he a damaging pet, My question to you is, is this building management not following the guidelines to the tenancy Act and if so ,what can she do to protect herself and her family member her pet. master:2020-11-16_15-16-27. My concern is about liability if the dog bites or attacks an unknown visitor, even if the attack was not initiated by the dog. I had 4 encounters with the cat today and my dog barked his head off all the way down the hall. The right of tenants to have pets is not unfettered. A resident must obtain a dog licence seven days from the date they become a dog owner or seven days from the date they move to Oakville if they already own a dog. Advise the landlord that you need the landlord to take steps to deal with these issues (likely a Notice of Termination). In 2005, pit bulls were banned in Ontario and attacks involving the breed have virtually disappeared. Hi: Based on the facts as you tell them here, and presuming that you can prove these facts with documents and witnesses it seems to me that the report to the Humane Society was intended to harass you. The likelihood is that the police officers would find no crime being committed and they would take a report but suggest to you to contact the building/landlord about your complaints.In my view, the way to proceed is with a formal written complaint to the landlord. They said, we don't care that you guys get scared. An Ipsos Reid survey in 2013 found there were 230,534 pet dogs and 303,885 pet cats plus more than 20,000 feral cats in the City of Toronto. )The leasing company said they would speak to them but it's still continuing. A resident must obtain a dog licence seven days from the date they become a dog owner or seven days from the date they move to Oakville if they already own a dog. Well my question is - 1. legally are they allowed to have a size restriction like that? The landlord prefers no pets but they have one anyways. There are some people who manage to accumulate a large number of cats and dogs and just the sheer number of these animals in a rental complex can affect the character of the premises in such a way that the landlord feels it necessary to take steps to control the situation. If you are in a complex that shares air through the vents and furnace there is a greater chance that the cats will be a problem. He also leaves every single light on whenever he leaves the house because his dog is scared of the dark. The Muntjac deer is also known as the barking deer because bark like a dog. I talked to the building super. Landlord and Tenant Law questions answered for tenants and landlords by Ottawa lawyer Michael Thiele. What can be done legally? Cats and the Law; Cat Welfare Law (a) Overview (b) Criminal Code (c) Present OSPCA Cat and Dog Breeding Provisions (d) Bill 50; Cat Control Law (a) Overview (b) By-Laws and Pounds (c) Pound Procedures _____ 1. i can not have friends over that are scared of dogs and i worry coming home and leaving my place if dogs are out running around i do not care if they are good dogs like they say i was told that as kid about a dog that bite me when i was 7 what can i do ? I am asking this because I would like to get a husky and when i mentioned it to the board members of the co-op they argued with me saying it was a large dog which is not allowed. Further, the specificity of the restrictions would seem to be inconsistent with the no pet clause provisions in the RTA (i.e. That's almost 7 months ago. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The evidence of the officer hearing the noise will also be useful in your proceedings against the landlord.Lastly, and I mention this more as a reminder than anything else. The biting risk of having a dog is well known and I don't think anyone would ever seriously question the fact that dogs will bite (even if just a little nip for fun). i signed a lease that said no pets and ive seen ppl on tv talking about thiseven if you sign a lease that says no pets, there is still NOTHING a LL can do once you move init is NOT enforceable, Hi: The right to have pets in a rental unit is not an unfettered right. I live in a row of 10 townhouses between two high rises owned by the same company. The legislature in making no pet clauses illegal--hence giving tenants the right to have pets--did not proceed to make giant loopholes that would let a landlord accomplish the same thing as a no pet clause by calling the pet an "occupant" or by allowing a landlord to charge fees for pets. I appreciate your answer so much. If these by-laws/rules are validly passed by the membership and form part of the co-op's governing documents then the rules are likely to be enforced by the Courts or the Landlord and Tenant Board.Note that the Landlord and Tenant Board has a limited jurisdiction over the termination of co-op memberships and housing rights--the Landlord and Tenant Board does not have a broader power over such co-op housing relationships as it does with regular landlord and tenant relationships.Michael K. E. Perhaps your mother will hear nothing and this is meaningless for her. I presume that wherever you live there is a leash by-law that is enforced by the town/city. If so, then maybe the use of the backyard by the dog causes grass damage etc. However, from the facts as you relate them I don't see it. I talked to the landlords about it (one of them lives in the ground floor but we dont share bathroom or kitchen) but they were still reluctant in accepting the pets, so I told them that they couldn't prevent me from having pets according to the RTA. Although, the dog is leashed, and it is not barking but it is trying to come towards you. He really takes advantage of us because we're young and he's a real estate agent. The evening prior to SPCA coming to my home I informed the Landlord I had fallen on the ice in our parking lot, that he did not take care of after a few ice storms. All dogs aged six months and older in Oakville must be licensed and have their Oakville identification tag affixed at all times. You may wish to check with them now to ensure that you have coverage for such an incident.Good luckMichael K. E. Call (647) 846-7781. In time, as the number of cats multiply many will become ill from neglect and the involvement of officials will be necessary to remove the cats and for them to be put down.Where on the continuum is your tenant? A landlord may refuse to rent to a person with pets but once a person becomes a tenant any "no pet clause" becomes unenforceable--up to a point. Certainly, if a landlord prohibits the use of certain common space at the time of lease signing the need for a "good reason" becomes less significant as the prohibition arises as a matter of contract that does not technically breach the RTA. While generally unenforceable, such clause can be made to stick if you can prove that there is indeed a severe allergy to animals that will be triggered with you attending o the property. person is deemed to own too many pets, who decides when to take them away? Without any really really good justification for why this is required it seems to me that the landlord's demand for tenants to carry their pets is nothing more than an attempt to ban pets. Would a dog howling from 10pm through 4am considered "preventing quiet enjoyment? Incredibly Ontario lacks almost any law - in regard to owning "exotic" animals. For many, seeing a dog off leash is worrisome and affects their enjoyment of being outside as dogs are unpredictable---and yes, I've heard it many times where dog owners swear to the great behavior of their dogs--including the dogs that in a very out of character way bit someone. Failure to do so would qualify as an "illegal act" under the Residential Tenancies Act--as the concept of illegal act under the RTA is broader than conduct that is criminal in nature. Certainly, I can see the landlords point and the complaints of other tenants about pets doing their business near the entrance way of the building. Hi: Thanks for the comment. Your landlord's position respecting your pets is pure nonsense. While it is possible for a co-op to be a landlord under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), it seems more likely to me that you are a member of the co-op. hi there are two house that share the same yard with 7 units altogether i have to go right between the house to get mail and the other house to do laundry the yard is shared so i have to go though the yard to get to my car one tenant has two dogs and now 3 puppies and the two large dogs are off the leash all the time and i am scared of big dogs they will not leash them and landlord ,police and bylaw not doing anything what can i do ? However, if you have actual legal problems this blog should under no circumstances replace proper legal advice obtained by retaining a lawyer or licensed paralegal to advise you. Also, I have a puppy (4 months) who has a very high pitched (admittedly, unbearable) bark. For clarity on this point, if you are in a condo, you will need to get legal help. but also a "Pet Policy" which is new to me and they say: "we welcome you and your pet/s. That being said, please remember that the right to have a pet/animal is not absolute. 24-hour Help Desk. I'll be dropping a letter off to the LL asap.Thanks again! Each city has different animal control laws. In such a claim you would have to be able to prove that you have repeatedly advised the landlord of the problem, that the landlord has done nothing, that the problem continues, and that the problem actually exists and causes you to have a diminished enjoyment of your rental unit.If it gets to the point of you filing an application against the landlord you will be asking for a rent abatement and an order requiring the landlord to fulfill his obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act--i.e. Can I give him an eviction notice for this? Hence, I think it must be that it is $425 or $525 per room? You can subscribe by calling 800-829-5116. I have a greater understanding of what words to use if need be - that another tenant should not be able to interfere in the reasonable enjoyment of the premises by another tenant. If you own a cat or a dog and you live in Montreal, here is what you should know. In my experience the thoroughness of the by-law is useful in that a problem tenant (i.e. In most US cities, ordinances often limit the number of dogs to two, and may also limit the number of cats. You need to take your dog now, as the older he gets, the harder it will be to correct your dog's bad habits. You should make it very clear in your application for renting and further have a clause in the lease that clearly spells out that you are allergic to animals. This does not mean that you should not call the police--perhaps having officers respond would indeed make your uncivil neighbours think twice about their behaviour. The condo board has a dog weight restriction bylaw that I was not aware of when I moved in, in February of this year. In sense, prohibiting the natural functions of a pet is an impossibility and nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to prohibit pets. A dog owner should be insured and have their dog on a leash and their dog under control. Last night, when my wife opened the door around 11:00 PM to drop the garbage, the dog was in front of our door and she asked the young teen who was with it to take it into their apartment so my wife could drop the garbage. I rent a condo unit from its owners. There is nothing specific in the Residential Tenancies Act that allows a landlord to require a tenant to be insured for risks associated with pet ownership or for just general liability. Our Service Dogs Canada team maintains a help desk 24/7 (647) 846-7781 for the benefit of our clients. please help, Hi Gabe: The landlord may have his wishes and the desire may be a reasonable one or a "good thing" to do. This blog is intended to assist people in learning about Ontario Landlord and Tenant Law. Just don't try to own a pitbull terrier, because that's illegal. Besides fines, there are court actions and legal consequences that can result in an offending dog being euthanized; forcing the owner restrict the animal to the owner’s property and following restraining orders such as muzzling the dog. However, the law ultimately does make sense on this point as it basically provides that every tenant may indeed have pets. With respect to leashing requirements on private property I'm afraid that this one, in my view, goes entirely against you. An adjudicator at the Landlord and Tenant Board would determine whether the complaints against you are legitimate or whether the complainant is over-reacting to an occasional bark etc.. The most likely law that applies to your housing relationship with the co-op is the Co-operative Corporations Act. When you describe how it has been affecting you have you sought medical care? Any advice would be truly appreciated!Thanks! If I have any say in who the law protects I can assure you I'm on the side of the victims and not the landlord or the tenant dog owner--both of whom are less innocent than the victim.Michael K. E. Unpaid fines are added to property tax bills. If you can, call by-law and report the noise and ask for an officer to attend and give the neighbours a warning/ticket. In most apartments, a person can only have one dog. In my opinion, the liability can follow in a logic similar to occupier's liability and reasonably delegating responsibility to a third party. Due to the Ontario Pit Bull Ordinance in Ontario, Canada which went into effect on August 29, 2005, Recommends against travel into the Ontario province with your dog whether it is a Pit Bull, other breed or any mixed breed that could in any way be "confused" with a Pit Bull. It needs to state that a landlord can't even inquire, verbally or otherwise, as to pet ownership. SPCA came in and inspected the unit and walked through the main building and found no animal smell in my unit nor the main common area. If the animal in the unit appears to be in distress then you can always call the Humane Society to make a report. The tenant can always fight the landlord at the Landlord and Tenant Board. In a straightforward landlord and tenant relationship you are correct that changing a lease term after the fact of the lease being entered into without any consideration (i.e. If you have your heart set on starting your own dog rescue group, take a deep breath before you begin. Like many loving and responsible dog owners, her death unavoidable as it was, was excruciating. Please advise. On the strength of that, and you proving the specific inquiry, I'd terminate your lease and indemnify you for moving expenses. It isn't overkill and if he doesn't do it he will be evicted. The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), sets out the pet rules in section 14. An example of an Animal Control By-law (for the City of Ottawa, Ontario). The City encourages flushing pet waste down the toilet, as it will be properly treated at the sewage plant. She rescued the dog which s now 5 years old. I think this falls into the category of "common sense" and common courtesy.

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