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       24. Born 19 July 1735 Thomas 11Th Earl Of Strathmore And Kinghorne Bowes Lyon 1773 - 1846.             Friends said they were well aware of their royal connections and would often curtsey when the Queen was on television.                                     Marburg, 1953, 1975. 78. William Browne, of Leasthorpe        39. Charles Cavendish-Bentinck                                     Lady Dorothy Cavendish        87.             Born 13 September 1699 Let us delve into the royal family of Queen Elizabeth II.                                     14th and 1st Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, … H.R.H.                         The five all belonged to the Bowes-Lyon family of Queen Mother Elizabeth, who at 87 is frequently referred to as the “nation’s favorite grandmother.” baptised 19 January 1701 80. William Cavendish Baroness Clifford Thomas Bird, of Barton, Warwickshire buried 25 April 1754 Married 5 September 1745 Baston Gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber             1936        19.       117. As John was the brother of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon the Queen Mother, the two daughters were first cousins of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, sharing one pair of grandparents, Claude Bowes …                         Born 29 September 1799 Married 1730        30.        59.       105. Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck             NN Bushe Born 1797 David Bowes-Lyon …                         Died 7 November 1816 Teddesley, Staffs.                         Gentleman of The Queen's Privy Chamber                    71. Robert Hodgson                         Elizabeth Died 12 December 1784 Walden Died 23 November 1848 Newspapers reported that two sisters had been discovered in what they …             Ancestors of Died 17 August 1865 Born 27 August 1750 This board contains information on her large Bowes-Lyon family. Died 1 October 1825 by Marlene A. Eilers.                                            51. Elizabeth Langley             Died 26 December 1836 Died 1 February 1760        88. She was laid to rest at a private family funeral. John Baker, of Castle Eve,                    81.             Edward Cavendish Harley Lord Charles Cavendish-Bentinck 79. Married 13 December 1859 Leicester                    90. She was Queen of the United Kingdom …        15. or Suffield Browne Geni World Family Tree Elizabeth Harriet Bowes Lyon (born Colville), born 1952 Elizabeth, Harriet Bowes Lyon was born on month day 1952, to John, Rupert Colville and Margaret Colville. baptised 28 June 1740 Stamford        42. Died 5 April 1750 Thomas Salisbury, of Marshfield             Joseph Valentine Grimstead Married 7 April 1760 Thomas George Lyon-Bowes Richard Boyle Mary Tucker Died 1816 Born circa 1766 John Edwyn, of Baggrave Hall                         Married 12 January 1737             Elizabeth was born on August 4, 1900, to Claude Bowes-Lyon, Lord Glamis (later the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne in the Peerage of Scotland), and his wife, Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck.                         Katharine Bowes-Lyon, the niece of the late Queen Mother, died on February 23 but her death was only announced by her family yesterday.                                     Born 8 November 1817        58. Gustavus Browne Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle Born 11 February 1714 London Banker Died 8 March 1734 / 1735             Born 24 February 1749 Died 22 April 1778 Hetton-le-Hole, co. Durham        52. Born 1688 Abel Smith             Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (6 generations) 1. Died 29 September 1798             Hon.             Catherine and the Queen Mother share a common ancestor, County Durham's Sir William Blakiston, whose great granddaughter, Elizabeth Blakiston, married into the Bowes-Lyon family who were … Born circa 1727 Nicholas Mosley Rev. Born circa 1694 Died 17 September 1760                         Europaeischen Staaten, 4 volumes,             Born 1726 Hall Born 22 September 1713             2nd Duke of Portland        45.                                76. Lady Dorothy Savile                Anna Edwyn baptised 6 July 1704 Glamis Married 12 May 1792 Manchester             Archdeacon of Leicester his ancestors over seven generations Patricia Maud (twin) Tetley (born Bowes-Lyon) was born on month day 1932, to Michael Claude Hamilton Windsor (born Bowes-Lyon, Captain Hon) and Elizabeth Margaret (twin) Bowes-Lyon (born Cator). One of her brothers, Fergus, was killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915. Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon Detail Titles and styles HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother HM The Queen HRH The Duchess of York The Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon The Hon Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Royal house House of Windsor Father Claude, Earl of Strathmore Mother Cecilia, Countess of Strathmore Born 4 August 1900(1900-08-04) London … Died 7 November 1944 Glamis Castle 125. Died circa 1799 Mary Nerissa, who died in 1986, and Katharine spent much of their lives in the Royal Earlswood Hospital in Surrey. Married 9 June 1704 Chiswick       115.             Died 16 February 1904 Glamis Castle Died 3 June 1794 London Andrew Burnaby Died 13 January 1799 Hampton Court Although Lady Elizabeth was too young to work as a nurse, she did assist with welfare work with the patients.       106.        92. by L.F.M.                    21. Elizabeth Laujol        23.                          Mary Browne, of Leasthorpe Born 19 February 1770 Manchester Mary Elizabeth Walsh John Bowes-Lyon family tree.             Rev.                     3.             Born 1709 Dorothy Smyth We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Australian Families their Antecedents                         Lady Elizabeth Noel Married July 1772 Died 14 May 1766 The Queen Mother        89. Married 28 August 1829 Born circa 1760             Biography.        97. by W.K.             Died 30 October 1809 Bulstrode Park Katharine was moved into a smaller residential care home in 1997 when the Royal Earlswood closed. Married 16 August 1718             Sent away The Queen Mother was born Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and she had a brother John, who along with his wife Fenella, had five daughters, including Nerissa and Katherine. Anne Caroline Salisbury Robert Hodgson, of Congleton        37. by B. Chalmers Leask, Queen Victoria's Descendants Born 7 July 1794 Selsdon House             Died 18 July 1867 Baggrave Hall Anne Wellesley Born 2 June 1689                                     Frances Dora Smith Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon             Dean of Carlisle                         Died 8 May 1777 Abel Smith, of East Stoke                   122.       102.        46.             order back issues and use the historic Daily Express             George VI was … Queen Elizabeth II Family Tree.        14. Oswald Smith, of Blendon Hall --------------, Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der             Edwyn Andrew Burnaby Born 27 October 1731 Married 18 March 1824 Born 9 May 1771 Catherine Hoskins Queen Elizabeth II’s cousins.                          Died 29 November 1769             Died 28 April 1800 Christchurch, Hants Edinburgh, 1977. baptised 4 October 1744 1st Baronet                    34.                                     Married 16 July 1881 London Elizabeth Sale, of Dublin Married 7 September 1795        49.                          Born 26 September 1698 Died 18 June 1863 Blendon Hall Died 2 October 1764 Spa, Germany             baptised 9 January 1689 Died 29 November 1806 See more ideas about Bowes lyon, Lyon family, Queen mother. 1st Viscount Dungannon                          Born 21 October 1713                                     buried 28 July 1730             William Bentinck             Died 2 October 1789 She was laid to rest at a private family funeral. Married 13 October 1736             1st Earl of Mornington             Lady Elizabeth was educated at home By the age of 10, she was fluent in French. and Genealogies, Adelaide, 1979. A 1963 edition of Burke's Peerage, the guidebook to aristocratic families and their lineage, recorded the sisters as having died in 1940 and 1961. Born 22 December 1715 Died 19 March 1812                    98.        96. Died 4 April 1780 Martin Tucker Born 4 August 1900 St. Paul's Waldenbury       101. Died 16 June 1741 London, Dover Str. Married 24 February 1767 London                         History of the Peerage,Baronetage Married 21 December 1820 St.James's, Westminster Anne Peploe             Parents. Died 10 September 1831 London 4th Earl of Cork, 3rd Earl of Burlington             Valentine Grimstead Born 5 July 1757 buried 7 September 1780             Katharine Bowes-Lyon, the niece of the late Queen Mother, died on February 23 but her death was only announced by her family yesterday. Married 6 February 1759        25.             Eleanor Creswick, of Moreton                         Married 1 January 1800 Born 21 July 1824 Redbourne        47. Frances Mary Mosley Born 29 October 1729                         111. Born 1705 in Virginia, USA        48. Born 6 February 1801        54.             Born 1806 Rev.             Apr 26, 2016 - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married the Duke of York and later became Queen Elizabeth.                         Born 17 July 1737 West Rainton Born 21 August 1701             Died 1756                         John Walsh                    95.             Fuerstliche Hauser, The Complete Peerage Born 7 October 1702             Born 3 May 1773 baptised 22 February 1733 Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles Henrietta Mildred Hodgson                    107. Marianna Cheape 1772 - 1849.                                                        36.                          Died 7 July 1785 Bulstrode Park Marquess Wellesley, 2nd Earl of Mornington Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon The Queen Mother Born 4 August 1900 St. Paul's Waldenbury Died 30th March 2002, London 2.        18. May 24, 2020 - Explore Pam Campbell's board "Bowes-Lyon Family" on Pinterest. 110.                                     Born 16 August 1732        94.                          Born circa 1684 Married 8 November 1766 London             40.        56.                          Mary Lister             Born – December 14, 1895. Died 10 October 1844 London Married 23 February 1804 London Jean Nicholson                                                         121. 4th Duke of Devonshire Family of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon & King George VI. Died 11 July 1772 After her husband's death, she was known as "Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother," to avoid confusion with her elder daughter, Queen Elizabeth … Lieutenant-Colonel See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Died 31 January 1758             Married 11 July 1734 London Died 5 February 1922 London Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, born Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, mother of Elizabeth II Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, (1855–1944) was a landowner, and the father of Queen … William Cavendish Wrong John Bowes-Lyon?                         Died 16 September 1798 9th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne        11. 11th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne                                                 Died 3 May 1881, 16.                                     Died 7 March 1776 o/b voyage to Lisboa Born 17 March 1682 Born 23 June 1742        61.                    68. 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne Mary Isabella Bowes Lyon … Mary Elizabeth Louisa Carpenter Died 22 July 1757        67. New York, 1987.                         Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.             Thomas Salisbury Source Listing Born circa 1716             Born 1830 Died 15 October 1797             Alice Leigh             baptised 15 October 1735                    99.        82. buried 9 October 1743 Thomas Lyon             127.             In 1987 the media uncovered what seemed to be a huge scandal.        50.                                 17. buried 20 March 1761 Source citations are included at the bottom of the page. Mary Gilbert, of St.Pauls 55. Died 14 November 1769                         baptised 5 July 1703                                                 Edward Salisbury, of Marshfield 2nd Earl of Oxford, 2nd Earl of Mortimer Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is in the 2nd generation of the family tree for Elizabeth II (Ahnentafel #3). Died after 1809        41. Died 16 April 1814 by H.A.Doubleday & Lord Howard de Walden, H.R.H. Died 22 May 1781 Kensington van de Pas, The Lineage and Ancestry of Kilkenny                   123. Claude George Bowes-Lyon 14th … Died 9 December 1755 Castle Queen Elizabeth II Parents – George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon George VI. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's father was John Cator Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's mother was Maud Cator Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's children: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's daughter is Lady Mary Colman Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's son is Michael Bowes-Lyon, 17th Earl of Strathmore Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's daughter was Lady Patricia Tetley Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's …             Married 30 December 1794 Hannah Beaumont Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is in the 4th generation of the family tree for William (Ahnentafel #11). The family claimed they had always looked after her interests and had given her regular visits. 1st Duke of Portland 118.                    85. Cottesloe, 1975                                                                              baptised 1 November 1702 77.                         Bryan Hodgson, of Ashbourn Died 19 January 1881 Leatherhead, Surrey                         In an era when families treated the disabled with shame and even young unmarried women who got pregnant were locked in asylums or hospitals, the sisters were hidden away from polite society for much of their lives, even while the Queen Mother was patron of Mencap, the charity for what used to be known as the mentally handicapped, people with learning disabilities.        83. Married 31 August 1713 Wimpole co Cambridge Born 1720        65. She and her late elder sister Nerissa, who also had learning disablities, were two of the four daughters of the Queen Mother's elder brother John Bowes-Lyon. Died 19 March 1737 London Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Married 23 July 1816                    66. Name: Elizabeth Bowes Lyon Father: Claude, Earl of Strathmore Mother: Cecilia, Countess of Strathmore Born: August 4, 1900 at London Married: George VI, on April 26, 1923 Children: Two daughters …             Died 4 July 1726 St.Jago de La Veda, Jamaica         5. Francis Webb, of Oaksey, Wiltshire                                           Died 6 July 1918, 8. Born 1 March 1709        10.             Died 8 December 1754 Uppingham, Rutland Died 19 March 1875 Born before 1699        75. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon        38.                    70. BOWES-LYON, Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguetite b: 04 Aug 1900 London, ENG d: 30 Mar 2002 Royal Lodge, Windsor Gt Park, BKS, ENG #: LYON499 BOWES-LYON, Lady Elizabeth == WINDSOR-HANOVER- …        63.             When the First World War started - coincidentally on her 14th birthday - Glamis Castle became a hospital. Anne Stafford, of Brownstown Born 27 June 1702 John Lyon Mary Eleanor Bowes Born 1788 Married 21 March 1721             Married 28 September 1853 Bexley        33.        26.       114.                                                 Martha Born circa 1773 Express. Born circa 1680        74. … Died 5 July 1844 See more ideas about lyon family, bowes lyon, queen elizabeth. Elizabeth M C Bowes Lyon was born in month 1959, at birth place, to McCorquodale.             Source citations are included at the bottom of the page. Henry Bentinck Judith Cockayne             Arthur Hill-Trevor Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's daughter is Lady Mary Colman Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's son is Michael Bowes-Lyon, 17th Earl of Strathmore Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's daughter was Lady Patricia Tetley Elizabeth …       100. The Queen's cousin Katherine Bowes-Lyons has died [PA]. Hyacinthe Gabrielle Varis Robert Porteus                         Prince Charles, Prince of Wales Follow the line of succession and get to know the royals you know and love such as Prince Charles, Prince William, and Princess Eugenie, as as well as Queen Elizabeths parents King George VI and The Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon with the interactive family … Died 26 September 1842 Knightsbridge, Kingston House Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Married 26 February 1770 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne                    43.                                                 Married 27 March 1718 Died 28 April 1826 Edwyn Burnaby       113. newspaper archive. Died after 1809 Married 15 September 1779                    72.              Elizabeth Bayley, of Withington Frederick Walsh, of Redbourn Todays working royals are all descendents of King George V and Queen Mary, from the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II to her youngest great grandchild Prince Louis. Born circa 1760 Paris Born circa 1778 Married 19 May 1713                          Lord Glamis (Christopher Alexander Fagan ?) Married 29 November 1794 London 1926 (the numeration being disputed by many Scots, since Elizabeth I was never their queen) Princess Margaret Rose, Countess of Snowdon, 1930 – 2002 (born at Glamis) Family of the Hon.             The Queen Mother with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in 1937 ... Quarant-Tone challenge in front of a Christmas tree ... and says it caused 'frustration' in the family David Bowes-Lyon…                    57.             Died 3 December 1753 Chiswick 119. Claude George Bowes Lyon 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne Lord of Glamis.        44. Married 1723         6. Died 27 August 1846 Palace of Holyroodhouse Died 17 June 1738 George Carpenter, of Redbourn Married 27 March 1748 Pall Mall, St.James's in Marsh Charlotte Grimstead                                     Died 10 November 1782 Prinz von Isenburg, Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic                     7.                         Died 23 June 1938 London, 4. William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck Married 20 July 1736 Houghton-le-Spring, co.Durham Born 11 February 1694 Elizabeth Parker, of Park 64. The Queen’s cousin Lady Elizabeth Shakerley has died at the age of 79.             Died 27 December 1776 Born 1833 Baggrave Hall Anne Hill             Joseph Creswick, of Moreton                          Died 30 January 1771 Dublin Elizabeth Alcock             Daughter of 14th & 1st Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore, KG KT and Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne Wife of George VI, … 120. Born 24 March 1705 Died December 1740 (6 generations), 1. Married 23 December 1719        35.             baptised 14 March 1717 Nottingham             1st Baron Mornington                                29.        27.             Thomas Lister The Very Rev.              Born circa 1767 112. Died 1 October 1825 Born 14 April 1738        62. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite; 4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) was the Queen Consort of King George VI from 1936 until his death in 1952. by Gerald Paget, Leask's Genealogical Guide to some 8th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne                                                 Born circa 1705             28.             Charlotte Jane Sarah Walsh        69. 32.                         Claude Bowes-Lyon Born in St Pauls Walden, Hertfordshire, , England on 8 Aug 1802 to Thomas 11th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne Bowes Lyon and Mary Elizabeth Louisa Rodney Carpenter.        73. Maternal grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. and Knightage, London, Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels Hyacinthe Gabrielle Roland Born 20 June 1760 Dangan Castle Thomas Lyon-Bowes             Died 21 May 1792 Born circa 1690 George Bowes, of Streatlam Queen Elizabeth II, b.                         3rd Duke of Portland Pierre Roland             Died 27 January 1834 Honfleur                                     Born 3 October 1780 126. Mildred Porteus Married 19 November 1726             Born 25 April 1694 Claude George Bowes-Lyon James Bayley, of Withington       103. Mary Bird Frances Webb.                         She …             Andrew Burnaby Sir John Parker Mosley Died 1 May 1762 Charles, Prince of Wales, Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley        22.        53.        86.             baptised 25 March 1697 109.             George Carpenter, of Redbourn Henrietta Baker, of Castle             George Smith Died 30th March 2002, London, 2.       108. Garret Wesley             Mary Eve, Kilkenny             3rd Duke of Devonshire        12. Francis Tucker, of Dublin Richard Colley Wesley, of Dangan Jane Beaumont, of Chapelthorpe Died 29 December 1760 Died 1 June 1811 Caldecott Hall, Leicester        20. Born 11 September 1862 London             Died 21 September 1758 Died 12 July 1788 Died 2 September 1816 Died 9 March 1812       116.                    13. Died 5 December 1755             Born 30 April 1765 Nottingham 84. Carolina Louisa Burnaby Born 1783 Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) was the wife of King George VI, and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.         9.        31.        93. Born 1728 Died 18 January 1753 Glamis Castle 124.             Thomas Grimstead, of Leatherhead Born 14 March 1855 Chelsea, Midx. Richard Wellesley       104.                         Married 31 August 1788        91.             ... Viscount Anson, and his wife, the Queen's niece, Anne Bowes-Lyon.        60.

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