Drawing the Tiger’s First Summer

It has been a summer of getting reacquainted with ‘real life’. And it has taken some doing. Last summer was crazy—like capital-C CRAZY. As we translated, raised finishing funds and edited ‘final’ after ‘final’ version of the film—we barely slept, barely showered and subsisted on coffee and deeply discounted sushi from the Asian market across the street from our studio. We ran on adrenaline fumes, but we were doing this thing that felt SO HUGE that we kept going.

This summer has been so lovely. We have slept and showered and are doing things like see friends, play Frisbee with our son and complete conversations.



And yet, I am oddly nostalgic for the craziness of last year.

This summer has been about something I am not so good at—waiting. Waiting to show Drawing the Tiger to the world. Yeah. I am going to say it, THE WORLD.

And it’s about to happen. Hot Docs, where we first premiered the film in the spring is sort of the last big festival of the film festival cycle. In September, the cycle begins anew.

Starting in a week, Drawing the Tiger will embark upon almost three straight months of Film Festivals. I want to tell you about some, in case you can be there!

We will update from them all. And, let you know how the film is received. What do people talk about after they see Drawing the Tiger? What does it make the feel and think? This is what I am excited about. Well, and getting to where one of those filmmaker badges.

Film Festivals coming up:

The Camden International Film Festival (Camden, Maine) Friday, Oct 18

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.49.33 PM

Northwest Film Forum Local Sightings (Seattle, Washington) September 25

GET TICKETS HERELocal-Sightings-2015_Wordpress-Header-Image

Woodstock Film Festival (Woodstock, New York)

GET TICKETS TO ONE OF TWO SCREENINGS, Oct 1 & Oct 3Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.55.23 PMMargaret Mead Film Festival (Museum of Natural Science, NYC) October 25


Mead_Laurels_Selection_FINALWe would love to see you at one of these screenings. And if you can’t make to any of these—no worries, there are more to come.

Meanwhile, in Nepal:

Here is an update on our family in the film, The Darnals.

We have been able to send some more money to them to help with their earthquake recovery and rebuilding efforts. Thank you to all who contributed.

We will be gathering more funds for their house rebuild in November before we go to premiere Drawing the Tiger in Kathmandu. More on that in an upcoming post.

Here is Chhabilal Darnal with food provisions and then a month or so later with sheet metal for a semi-permanent roof. They had to wait a long time for it because it was in such high demand.picture

Buwah with Money

Buwah with Tin

We have been able to keep in somewhat regular contact with them thanks to Ramyata, and Neeta who translated with us on the film. They have seemed more upbeat the last few times we have talked. I don’t think we will really understand how much their lives have changed till we see them in person.

Ramyata Limbu, or co-director, continues to do post-earthquake relief reporting in the hardest hit areas. Ramyata and I actually have another related project brewing that I will write about at length in the next post. It is late and I get jacked up just thinking about it.

Shailendra, our second cameraman just got an award for being the best cinematographer in Nepal. Here is receiving the award from Nepal’s president, Ram Baran Yadav.ShailendraAndNepalsPresident

This week is Suicide Prevention Week.

We don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by suicide. We would be talking about a much different film if not for Shanta’s suicide. Here is a blog post that does a good job unpacking the disproportionate incidence of suicide among poor people in rapidly developing contexts.

Thank you for following along. We can’t say how much your interest and investment mean to us.


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